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ProtoVillage is an attempt to create the prototype of a rural community that enjoys autonomy with respect to its basic needs through ecologically sustainable ways: a community in which all living forms, including humans have "enough" to live in dignity.

ProtoVillage is the initiative of InteGreater Foundation, India. We want to go beyond defining the poverty line or measuring the number of people that fall below it. We find the idea of "Creating abundance" more inspiring than the idea of "eradicating poverty".

Abundance is a state in which the inhabitants of a community have a collective autonomy with respect to the following 12 dimensions: Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Energy, Trade, Education, Health Care, Connectivity, and Eco-Conservation&Disaster Management.

ProtoVillage is our endeavor to develop and implement a theoretical framework that is designed to be both broadly replicable and also capable of accounting for the uniqueness of local conditions.

ProtoVillage is underway in Tekulodu Panchayat, a cluster of 3 villages in Chilamathur Mandal Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India. A committed and persistent practice of abundance.